Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 2 Meal Plan

I am totally in love with having a meal plan after two weeks of shopping with a list.  Very rarely do I leave the store under a hundred dollars and I have two weeks in a row.  I always end up planning meals in the store and I always forget certain ingredients.  I am pretty confident that Sundays will be a night for meal planning and shopping.   

Week 2

Sunday- Carne Asada and Lime Cilantro Rice
* I forgot to take a picture of this meal however I just bought pre marinated meat from costco and the rice was a little dry so I am going to try it again and then I will post the recipe.*

Monday- Creamy Mexican Chicken (Pinterest)

Tuesday- Whatever I want Mike is at a recognition meeting

Wednesday- BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Roasted corn

Thursday- Cheese and Zuchinni stuffed shells with meaty red sauce

Friday- Forgotton Chicken (Pinterest)

Saturday- Mike has a work event so we will be going out to dinner

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