Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chorizo and Egg Burritos

Have you ever thought about what your last meal would be if you could choose it?  This would be mine.  My Mom and Dad made these all the time for us when we were little and I really believe some of my childhood friends were won over by these burritos.  I swear whenever I talk to someone about my Dad they always say, " I remember those burritos he would always make."  If you have Cholula on hand make sure to give it a little dab because, everything is better with Cholula!

1 10 oz package of Chorizo or Soyrizo
5-6 eggs, beaten
tortillas, heated on pan as needed
Directions:  In a large skillet fry chorizo until broken up and browned.  Add eggs stirring until cooked, serve with warmed tortilla. 

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