Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scents of Fall

My Nephew Enzo
Fall is right around the corner and I could not be more excited.  Don't get me wrong I love summer but something about fall just gets me so excited.  I love everything about fall and I mean everything.  I love the crisp chilly air, the changing leafs, the memories of piling up all of the fallen leaves to jump in them, the colors of fall, the thought of all the kids getting ready for Halloween, and so many other things.  When I think of fall the first thing that pops in my head are the scents of fall.  When I think of fall I think of four specific scents. 

The first scent I think of is apples.  I love apples and baking with apples is my all time favorite thing.  They are so delicious and they make everything better.

The second is cinnamon.  Obviously cinnamon compliments apples in everything I bake so its a no brainer.

The third is Satsumas.  The scent of a fresh peeled satsuma is to die for.  I think my love for these came from every Christmas my stocking always had two satsumas in the bottom!  Whenever I see and smell satsumas I think of Christmas and I am instantly filled with joy.

The fourth and final smell is worchestershire.  I know this was probably the last thing you were thinking but its true.  Every year my Mom and I make batches of chex mix and I love the smell of butter and worchestershire melting together.  No matter what time of the year whenever I cook with worchestershire I think of fall and all the wonderful memories of baking with my Mom. 

For all of you who read this post what are your favorite scents of fall???

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