Thursday, August 23, 2012

Salsa Verde Pork Quesadillas

I have not mastered cooking for two so I always find myself with lots of leftovers.  Last nights dinner was Salsa Verde Pork Tacos so tonight we are having Salsa Verde Pork Quesadillas.  Whenever I make any kind of taco it never fails that my lunch or dinner the next day is a quesadilla.  This pork is so tasty and this go to meal is DELICIOUS.

Ingredients: ( I am not putting amounts for the ingredients because everyone seems to differ in the amounts of cheese and goodies they put inside.)
Directions:  Heat pan or griddle over medium heat.  On a seperate plate place all ingredients on top of 1 tortilla starting with cheese.  Once you have all the ingredients on the tortilla sprinkle with more cheese then add second tortilla.  I always add cheese to both sides so it melts on the tortilla holding it all together.  Spray pan/griddle with non stick spray and add quesadilla.  Brown on both sides until cheese is melted. 

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